En Route Essentials

About Us

En Route Essentials creates thoughtful and convenient travel personal care for women, making her life away from home more enjoyable.

We make self-care a convenient, relaxing, and celebrated part of a woman’s travel routine.

Travel products often get skimped on because they’re looked at as having a temporary use– something to get us from here to there. Have you found yourself collecting hotel shampoo bottles? Picking up a mixed bag of toiletries from the drugstore? Or spending too much time and money buying travel size products from multiple stores?

We’re here to change that.

As avid travelers ourselves we’ve had our fair share of pain points and inconveniences. We’re dedicated to creating products that do more than “just get by.” We want you to feel pampered while you’re away from home with minimal effort.

Better ingredients. Built for travel. Toss in your bag and go!


Our founder, Kristen Kamei, was born and raised in a small town at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Here in the Owens Valley, Kristen grew up with a special connection to nature.

(Kristen 1990)

Taking yearly family road trips to the Baja coast to fish and play in the sand dunes, Kristen developed her love of exploring as a child.

As an adult, her curiosity of the world continued to grow. Whether it’s flying to Colorado for the weekend to visit family, an adventure hopping around Europe with a best friend, or a solo trip to Tahiti, she loves traveling.

(The idea for En Route Essentials was born on this trip to Tahiti) 

Since her bags are constantly packing and unpacking, she found herself collecting sample sized products that didn’t last long enough or grabbing a mishmash of travel toiletries from the drugstore made with less than ideal ingredients.

She found herself thinking, “Why isn’t this easier?”

(Kristen in the Buttermilks, on the outskirts of her hometown. Photo by Kelvin Kuo.)
She thought about all the travelers who shared her experiences: Unhappy skin from using the wrong ingredients, oily and heavily scented hotel lotions, hair stripped from toxic ingredients in hotel and drugstore shampoos. It didn’t feel like anyone was looking out for travelers in this way. So she set out to try it herself.

Through years of research, she found the right partners to make En Route Essentials a reality. She developed the Travel Skin & Hair Care Kit, a set of personal care essentials that would help travelers like her to feel pampered, creating little moments for them to feel special while away from home. An added rule of thumb– all products had to be TSA carry-on compliant.

(Catch and release fishing in Alaska)

In addition to the basics of shampoo & body wash, conditioner and body lotion, she added cream facial cleanser, a lightweight face lotion, micellar water (great for makeup removal) and a few accessories like a loofah, cotton rounds, and a reusable clear travel bag.

The Travel Skin & Hair Care Kit is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us in serving fellow travelers! We’re here to make your life easier and more enjoyable while you’re away from home.